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Proud of our companies

In this new edition of the Aerópolis newsletter, we proudly collect several news about the successes of our companies, which are, of course, the result of their good work and which, in turn, confirm that the Park has become an unique ecosystem of innovation, that its companies grow more and better and that this environment is still one of the best examples of technological development in Andalusia.

These latest achievements and milestones include Airbus' choice of CT Engineers, once again, to continue providing them with aeronautical engineering solutions for many of its models: A300, A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380, which shows the satisfaction of one of its biggest clients with the work that this engineering company carries out. Another of our companies, Carbures, has received three important industrial certifications in only a month and a half, which means international recognition of its manufacturing process by the main competent bodies.

Also, our company Aertec Solutions celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a significant increase in its sales and international references, consolidating its growth trajectory and its solid international vocation. Another of our companies, Altran, recently located in the Park, has announced its intention to hire more than 150 professionals in our Autonomous Community, a news that shows the wide potential for job creation of the companies of our Park.

As far as training is concerned, we increase the possibilities for the workers of the Park with a new company, Aeroidiomas, which teaches specific courses in aeronautical technical English as well as general English at all levels, completely adapting to the needs of students and the companies.

We could not be more proud of each one of these achievements of our companies since, precisely, this is our main work and objective and the reason why we work every day: the success of our companies. We will continue, therefore, along this path in order to add new achievements and keep Andalusian aeronautics as a benchmark in the aerospace sector of Spain and Europe.


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