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  • Aerotecnic is commited to the complete automation of composite sanding 18 November 2020
    The company, based in Aerópolis, continues its R&D work with the SARCO Project The company Aerotecnic is running an R&D project named SARCO that proposes the automation of sanding prior to painting by integrating an automated system for surface preparation of complex geometric areas in an. [...]
  • Systatec will manufacture laboratory systems for the Observatoire de Versailles 18 November 2020
    The Sevillian company Systratec Instruments, located in Aerópolis, has been chosen by the Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines to manufacture its laboratory systems for measuring mass and center of gravity. This French public entity develops its activity in the scientific field, i [...]
  • MIC and CATEC evaluate surface treatments to improve additively manufactured metal parts 18 November 2020
    The project is aimed at studying the effect of surface treatments in improving the fatigue behavior of parts manufactured by additive in titanium 6AI4V The firm Metal Improvement Company (Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies, CWST), and the Technology Centre CATEC, both located in Aerópolis, have.. [...]
  • Aerotecnic develops multi-material metallic additive manufacturing 28 July 2020
    La The company, based in Aerópolis, has launched the ambitious European project MULTI-FUN The firm Aerotecnic is developing an ambitious European project called MULTI-FUN, which proposes the integration of multiple functionalities in the same structure through the on-site combination of active... [...]
  • Airbus A400M completes full Paratrooper Simultaneous Dispatch certification 28 July 2020
    The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has successfully achieved certification of the simultaneous paratrooper dispatch capability and completed the full industrial development of the type’s paratrooping deployment capacity, with a maximum dispatch of 116 paratroopers using both side doors (58. [...]
  • CATEC presents its robotics project PILOTING to more than 20 countries 28 July 2020
    The Andalusian Technology Center, based in Aerópolis, is leading this robotic technology project for inspection and maintenance tasks of aging infrastructures The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, FADA-CATEC, recently organized a... [...]
  • Magtel launches its new telephone operator, Oléphone 13 November 2020
    The Group Magtel has launched in October its new telephone operator, Oléphone, aimed at the residential market, which is already providing mobile services throughout the national territory. The new OMV (Virtual Mobile Operator) is based at the Magtel Group facilities in Aerópolis and is supporte [...]
  • CT, ranked 31 of the best companies to work for 17 November 2020
    The Aerópolis-based company CT also maintains its position as the leading engineering services company The company CT has been consolidated in the ‘Best Companies to Work for’ ranking, prepared by Actualidad Económica magazine, currently ranking 31st. In the last three years, the company ha [...]
  • Pegasus Aviation renews all its quality and environmental certificates 17 November 2020
    As a result of its commitment to social responsibility, the aircraft and helicopter operator Pegasus Aviación, belonging to Grupo Pegasus, has recently renewed all its certificates in terms of quality and the environment under the standards of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015... [...]
  • The project AERIS celebrates its final meeting at the AED DAYS 2020 18 November 2020
    On October 7, the final conference of the project AERIS was held, coinciding with the AED Days 2020, an annual event that brings together the Portuguese aeronautics, space and defense ecosystem together with the main international players in this industry. The project AERIS, co-financed by... [...]
  • Ingemont works on drone inspection of EMASESA collectors 18 November 2020
    The company Ingemont, based in Aerópolis, is part of an R&D project called SAAIC by which it participates in the validation of the system for the inspection of visitable collectors, belonging to the EMASESA Sanitation network, based on a system of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) or drone, whic [...]
  • Airbus delivers A400M to Luxembourg’s Armed Forces 18 November 2020
    The Luxembourg Armed Forces have taken delivery of its Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, which was accepted at the A400M Final Assembly Line in Seville (Spain) and has performed a ferry flight. It will make a first stop in Luxembourg before continuing its journey to the 15th Wing Air... [...]
  • Héroux-Devtek Spain, new Spanish supplier for Boeing 18 November 2020
    Héroux-Devtek Spain, located in Aerópolis, has signed a supply agreement with Boeing for the manufacture of several actuation components The company Boeing has awarded Héroux-Devtek Spain a contract to manufacture new actuation components for several commercial aircrafs platforms.  The scope [...]
  • AERTEC develops a revolutionary portable device for aircraft ground testing 18 November 2020
    The prototype has been developed in collaboration with Airbus Defense and Space and within the framework of the PASSARO project, of the European Clean Sky 2 program The Aerópolis-based company Aertec has developed a system that will revolutionize the way in which aircraft ground tests are carried. [...]