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  • Aerotecnic develops multi-material metallic additive manufacturing 28 July 2020
    La The company, based in Aerópolis, has launched the ambitious European project MULTI-FUN The firm Aerotecnic is developing an ambitious European project called MULTI-FUN, which proposes the integration of multiple functionalities in the same structure through the on-site combination of active... [...]
  • Airbus A400M completes full Paratrooper Simultaneous Dispatch certification 28 July 2020
    The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has successfully achieved certification of the simultaneous paratrooper dispatch capability and completed the full industrial development of the type’s paratrooping deployment capacity, with a maximum dispatch of 116 paratroopers using both side doors (58. [...]
  • CATEC presents its robotics project PILOTING to more than 20 countries 28 July 2020
    The Andalusian Technology Center, based in Aerópolis, is leading this robotic technology project for inspection and maintenance tasks of aging infrastructures The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, FADA-CATEC, recently organized a... [...]
  • Andalusian technology to design an aerial robot to disinfect the ZAL 05 May 2020
    The Technology Center CATEC and the Sevillian company Airvant, both based in Aerópolis, will develop this technology to improve the COVID-19 disinfection protocols and prevent new outbreaks in the areas of logistical activity, guaranteeing sanitary security in the rest of the supply chain The... [...]
  • Andalucia Aerospace publishes its 2020 capabilities catalog 24 July 2020
    The aerospace cluster, based in Aerópolis, held its ordinary general meeting Last June, Andalucía Aerospace cluster brought together its ordinary general assembly. During it, the aerospace association officially presented the latest version of its capabilities catalog. The document has a new... [...]
  • Aertec Solutions exports digitization technology to the Airbus plant in Warsaw 24 July 2020
    The company, based in Aerópolis, will deploy the industrial production system i-Workbench, which consists of digitizing the manufacture of electrical cable harnesses, at this Polish plant The international aeronautical engineering and consulting firm Aertec Solutions has a collaboration agreement. [...]
  • FN Global Services Division Sur incorporates ultrasound honeycomb cutting into production automation 24 July 2020
    The company FN Global Services Division Sur, based in Aerópolis, is committed to incorporating robotic systems into aeronautical production systems to improve the productivity of production lines The company FN Global Services Division Sur, based in Aerópolis, is committed to incorporating roboti [...]
  • CT successfully concludes its precision agriculture R&D project 28 July 2020
    The company has completed the development of DITIPO, a precision agriculture project focused on citrus cultivation After three years of research and development, the company CT, based in Aerópolis, has successfully completed DITIPO, an R&D project whose objective is to monitor the state of the [...]
  • Alestis publishes its 2019 Sustainability Report 28 July 2020
    The company considers this publication an exercise of responsibility and transparency with its stakeholders in particular and with society in general Alestis Aerospace has published its first Sustainability Report, which presents the main results of the company's economic activity, information on.. [...]