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Aerópolis increased its turnover by 40% in 2017, with more than 1,550 million euros

According to the last statistical report of Aerópolis, the Park employs more than 5,500 workers and maintains its position as a cluster of the aerospace sector in Europe

The Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia, Aerópolis, is one of the main engines of the Andalusian industry in the last decade

y se ha convertido en espacio de referencia del polo aeroespacial andaluz, uno de los tres grandes polos aeronáuticos europeos, junto con los de Toulouse y Hamburgo. Por su exclusividad secto¬rial y por su ocupación, es ya el recinto europeo con and has become a reference space for the Andalusian aerospace pole, one of the three major European aeronautical centers, together with the from Toulouse and Hamburg. Due to its sectoral exclusivity and its occupation, it is already the European site with the highest concentration per square meter of innovation and business activity in aerospace.

In only one square kilometer of surface, Aerópolis concentrates 46.09% of the turnover and 38.14% of the employment of the existing aeronautical sector in the 90,000 square kilometers of Andalusia (according to the latest data available from the sector, corresponding to 2016 ), which shows its position as the primary cluster of the aerospace sector. The data for the year 2017 reflects this reality.

• The turnover of the companies of the Park experienced a significant increase of 40.29% with respect to 2016, reaching 1,551.35 million euros.

• Aerópolis companies employ 5,574 professionals, keeping employment stable with a slight growth of 1.03% compared to 2016.

• Productivity in Aerópolis (turnover / employee) increased significantly, 38.86% over the previous year, reaching 278,310 euros per employee.

• Seven new companies located in Aerópolis in 2017, which means that the Park already has a business community of 84 companies. At present the number of companies has increased considerably, with a total of 93 companies to date.
• 33.35% of Aerópolis employees have highly qualified professional profiles, keeping the line of recent years.

• The funding received for R + D + i projects reached 8.7 million euros.

• In the last five years (2013-2017), the growth of billing in the Park was 81.66%, which represents an average annual increase of 16.32%. Employment, on the other hand, had a growth of 25.54%, with an average annual increase of 5.10%.

• Regarding the future, Aerópolis companies expect to generate a notable growth in their employment and billing figures of around 25% and 21%, respectively, for the next 5 years.