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The Junta de Andalucía begins the drafting of the first Aerospace Plan of Andalusia

The Regional Ministers of Finance and Economy presented this initiative that will focus on improving competitiveness, internationalization, innovation and diversification of the sector

On June 4, the Junta de Andalucía presented at the Aerópolis business center the beginning of the drafting work for the Andalusian Aerospace Strategic Plan, the first project that the community will have aimed at increasing the technological and industrial capacity acquired by the Andalusian aerospace sector and identify the necessary actions to boost the future growth and development of aerospace companies in this region, in an initial four-year framework and that may be extended in future revisions of the plan.

 During the launching ceremony, which was attended by the Regional Ministers of the Treasury, Industry and Energy, Juan Bravo, and of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, Rogelio Velasco, the companies resident in the technology park could get to know phases of elaboration of the plan, designed as a public-private collaboration initiative led by the Hélice private Foundation and the IDEA Agency.

The document will collect a diagnosis of the Andalusian aerospace sector through the use of indicators, both from a quantitative and qualitative perspective, in order to know the current situation and detect the problems and opportunities that must be addressed in the coming years. Thus, the draft will establish the determination of the objectives, strategic lines, programs and measures that should be coordinated with the Employment Agenda, the Innovation Strategy of Andalusia 2020 (RIS3Andalucía) and the Industrial Strategy of Andalucía 2020 ( EIA2020), and will include the economic valuation of the measures, the determination of the economic resources that must be used for their execution and the financial and management instruments that must be put in place both by the Andalusian Government and by the private initiative.
During the presentation, the Regional Minister of Finance, Industry and Energy, Juan Bravo, pointed out the `strategic´ nature of the aerospace industry in Andalusia and the opportunities that the space industry with associated services will represent for Andalusian companies, the technologies of dual use and the new European defense policy, which require `a comprehensive public-private action based on strategic planning for the Andalusian reality´.
`This Government has identified as a priority field of action the development of the industry, being aware that it offers important possibilities for creating quality employment, is the most intensive sector in innovation and technological development and allows companies to better resist economic cycles adverse´, said Bravo.
For his part, the Regional Minister of Economy, Rogelio Velasco, said that this plan is `a historic demand of the Andalusian aerospace sector, one of the most powerful sectors of the economy in our region´.
Velasco stressed that the plan implemented by the new Andalusian Government must `serve as an impetus´ for the national executive `to prioritize the drafting of a National Aerospace Strategic Plan´. `Once the Government of Spain approves its national plan, the Andalusian plan will remain aligned and coordinated with it, complementing and developing the measures for our region, seeking the maximum return of wealth of the sector for Andalusia´, he added.
The Regional Minister of Economy stressed that `there are great opportunities that will be decided in the coming months and we want to bring them to Andalusia, we want to make the necessary adjustments so that Andalusian companies in the sector have access to great business opportunities´.