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Aerópolis carries out a complete emergency drill and evacuation of the Park
28 April 2017
Within the framework of the Park's self-protection plan, theoretical and practical courses were developed in addition to the evacuation test Last February, the Urbanistic Conservation Entity of the Park Aerópolis organized a emergency simulation and evacuation of the Park, as well as different act [..]
The companies of Aerópolis analyse the management of the corporate compliance in the organizations
28 April 2017
The Aerópolis Business Centre hosted a technical conference organized by the company Custar, located in the Park, Bureau Veritas and Ferrero Abogados. On March 30, a wide representation of the companies of Aerópolis met in its Business Centre to discuss different aspects of the implementation of [..]
Aerópolis hosts the 2nd Conference on Additive Manufacturing for the Aerospace Sector organized by Comher
11 April 2017
The session included presentations of several case studies on the successful application of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry   The Aerópolis Business Center hosted on March 7 the second edition of the Conference on Additive Fabrication for the Aerospace Sector, organized by the c [..]
Hi¡ Drone Technology, Dron Technology Show, is presented at Aerópolis
08 February 2017
The meeting included a visit to the facilities of the Advanced Centre of Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), in order to get to know its main projects About 30 companies from Aerópolis attended the presentation of Hi! Drone Technology, Dron Technology Show, which was held on February 2 at the Park B [..]
More than 130 entrepreneurs attend the Seminar on EU Funding Opportunities in the Defence Sector in Aerópolis
08 February 2017
The Andalusian Regional Minister for Employment, José Sánchez Maldonado, encourages businesses and governments to present projects to ERDF Operational Programme for Andalusia Around 130 representatives from the defence industry, the Ministry of Defence, business associations, research and techn [..]
The Andalusian Aerospace sector unites to celebrate in Seville the World Space Week
08 February 2017
Companies, public administrations and institutions rely on cooperation to increase the development of the Aerospace sector in Andalusia and make the most of its potential. On October 4 to 10, Seville joined the international celebration of the World Space Week, hosting an extensive programme of e [..]
The Andalusian Aerospace industry increased 4.5% its sales and reached almost 14,000 jobs
24 October 2016
Susana Díaz presided over the presentation of the `Aeroespace Annual Report in Andalusia 2015´, held at Aerópolis The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, chaired last September at Aerópolis the presentation of the `Aeroespace Annual Report in Andalusia 2015´, which confirmed [..]
The Regional Minister of Employment, Business and Commerce visits Ontech and underlines its commitment to `revolutionary technologies´
21 October 2016
Sánchez Maldonado said the Seville-based firm, located in Aerópolis, is an example of `talent´ and `qualified human capital´   The Minister of Employment, Business and Commerce, José Sánchez Maldonado, visited last October the headquarters of the company Ontech, which has developed an inn [..]
Representatives of the Government of Lithuania visit Aerópolis as an example of the management of State Aids for research
21 October 2016
The Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development hosted a visit aiming at sharing experiences on State Aid for Universities and Research Organisations The Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development IDEA received last July a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Gove [..]
A group of students from the University of Hannover visit Aerópolis to get to know its operating model
21 October 2016
Last September Aerópolis hosted the visit of thirty students of Institute of Economic Geography, University of Hannover, Germany, interested in the case of the Park as successful experience based on geographical and sectoral specialization, specifically in the area aerospace. The young students me [..]