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CESA obtains Nadcap certification in high-speed thermal projection technology

The company is one of the first to achieve this certification in Spain

The company CESA, with plant in Aerópolis, has obtained the Nadcap certification for HVOE (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) at its plant in Getafe (Madrid), to perform a "clean" coating by means of high-speed thermal spraying.

The technology of high-speed thermal projection is especially used to improve the surface characteristics of a component. It consists of the creation of layers through the projection of molten particles on the surface, through a current at high temperature and speed, which produces a dense coating that can be rectified to obtain an optimum surface finish for situations of corrosion and friction wear.

This process implies benefits such as the improvement of efficiency, reduction of costs, improvement of the useful life of the components and of the electrical properties and improvement of resistance to wear and corrosion, among others.

The technology used by CESA - deposition of tungsten-cobalt-chromium carbides - complies with the European Reach regulation and allows the replacement of the hard chromium plating of the pieces by an alternative process free of Cr +6, seeking the protection of health and environment against the risks that may arise from the use of these chemical compounds.

Nadcap is the only independent organization recognized worldwide in the aerospace sector to grant certifications of special manufacturing processes. It has been created to allow profitable consensus models in the management of products and special processes, as well as to guarantee continuous improvements in the aerospace sector