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Aeropup locates in Aerópolis and develops its internationalization plan in Europe and the USA

The company manufactures and markets light airplanes and already has manufacturing and sales centres in Europe and the United States

The company of Australian origin Aeropup has settled in Aerópolis, specifically, in the Incubator of Aeronautical Companies of the Chamber of Commerce, within the framework of its process of global expansion.

Dedicated to the manufacture and sale of light aircraft. `Aeropup aircaft´ has gone through an important evolution from its first single-seater version, designed 30 years ago in Brisbane (Australia), to the current two-seater version with folding wings.

Throughout its existence, it was marketed only in Australia and New Zealand. In mid-2015, the new shareholders acquired it, with the primary objective of internationalizing the product, taking advantage of the experience and international contacts of its new partners. At the beginning of 2017, Aeropup S.L. was founded, resulting in a first move to establish the company in the Andalusian capital.

To carry out this internalization, in parallel with the sale of `ready-to-flight´ aircraft and the quick assembly kit for amateur constructors, a new strategic approach has been given to the business, aiming to cover more territories. For this, Aeropup S.L. offers the license, with exclusivity, manufacturing and marketing for a defined territory, similar to the franchise model, with what, in about 10 years, it is expected to distribute the model around the world, making Aeropup a reference airplane for lovers of aviation.

In recent months, they have signed contracts, within its global expansion plan,  with the United States and Romania, establishing strategic manufacturing centres in Europe and North America, in addition to the usual manufacturing point, located in Queensland (Australia). While the North American and the new `partners´ or franchisees of Aeropup S.L. manage European manufacturing centres, the Australian center is still managed by the parent Company.