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Rovimática organizes a technical conference on artificial vision technologies in 2D and 3D applied to aeronautics

The company Rovimática, located in Aerópolis, which specialises in the implementation of custom projects in robotics, machine vision, automation, control and mechatronics,

together with Infaimon, multinational exclusively dedicated to the provision of equipment in artificial vision, held on October 3 a day technique based on artificial vision technologies 2D, 3D applied to the aeronautical industry and practical examples. As collaborating companies of the day participated the Fluitronic company, Sevilla Control Aeronautical Group and the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs (FEDEME).

During the day the existing technological tools to cover the needs of the aeronautical sector were put in value: quality control, robot guidance, etc. The organizing companies carried out live demonstrators and presented practical examples in inspection through collaborative robotics and three-dimensional sensors, embedded vision systems, hyperspectral sensing, as well as the capabilities of artificial intelligence in decision-making.

Rovimática presented several successful cases implemented in the industry from the use of 3D camera, thermal cameras, three-dimensional profilometry, for the monitoring of dimensional elements, in addition to robotic systems and the application of artificial intelligence technologies for detection of defects in the manufacture of metal parts.