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Elimco Aerospace leads a pioneering project in Europe for the inspection of interior spaces by drones

The IDRON project will increase the efficiency of inspection processes in confined spaces, reducing occupational risks

Elimco Aerospace, Andalusian company specializing in technological solutions with high added value for the aerospace, defense, rail and naval sectors, among others, leads IDRON,

a pioneering project in Europe for the use of drones in the inspection of confined spaces.

The company, belonging to the Ingemont Technology Group, is developing this initiative together with the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville (EMASESA), the University of Seville and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC). This project, funded by the call RETOS-Colaboración of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, will place Spain as a leader in Europe in the application of technologies for the inspection of this type of space.

The IDRON project aims to minimize labour risks and increase efficiency in the inspection processes, as well as increasing the competitiveness and differentiation of the companies that carry it out.

Currently, inspections require qualified personnel, with numerous safety measures and long periods of technical stops in plant, so they become a long process, high cost, tedious and risky. In this sense, the project will represent a technological advance and will provide a series of competitive advantages that will allow a drastic change in the way in which this type of inspections are carried out by conventional means.

IDRON presents a series of differentiating factors with respect to other projects, since it will be developed for any type of confined space and works with an autonomous navigation system through which a route is programmed with total freedom of movement, eliminating human error. In addition, it includes a security system that will allow you to operate reliably in this type of hard-to-access spaces.

In addition, the IDRON project has an enormous potential for development and scalability. The use of autonomous drones is fully applicable to all types of sectors and in this type of environment is really useful, since this technology solves tasks that bring together the 3Ds (dirty, dangerous and dull), prone to be automated.