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04 Oct 2019;
08:00AM - 12:00AM
4-10 Octubre_Semana Mundial del Espacio

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Grabysur receives European funding to study the feasibility of its latest prototype developed in the hmi field

The Andalusian company Grabysur and the European Commission have signed a Grant Agreement for their project FANVIS

(Development of new optical absorption Filters for Application in Night Vision Imaging Systems), belonging to the last call for SME Instrument in Phase 1, which will allow To evaluate in depth the technical, commercial and economic viability of new optical filters before commercialization.

Grabysur is developing an absorbent filter type Green-A compatible with Night Vision Systems (NVIS) that exceeds the technical characteristics of existing solutions in the market. Currently, suppliers of this type of filter are scarce and impose their unilateral sales conditions on manufacturers, integrators, adapters and repairers of NVIS equipment. These suppliers come from outside the European Union market (mainly from the USA and Japan). The new FANVIS filters would favor technological non-dependence, thus reinforcing the European industry.

SME Instrument is a subprogramme of the 8th European Framework Program for financing R & D & I Horizon 2020, whose focus is exclusive for small and medium-sized companies that want to grow, develop and internationalize through a European innovation project. A total of 2,111 proposals were submitted to this call, of which 244 have been approved, with only 3 of them corresponding to Andalusian companies.

The FANVIS project, together with the results of other traditional business lines, will contribute to turning Grabysur into a European leader in the design and manufacture of Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems for the aeronautical, naval and land vehicle industry.