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Gazc launches a project to reduce the use of paper in their plants

The initiative began in early 2019 at the Gazc aerostructures plant located in Aerópolis, and is intended to gradually extend to the rest of the plants

The company Gazc, based in Aerópolis, is carrying out a project called "Paperless in Assembly Shop" at its Aerópolis aerostructures plant.

consisting of reducing the amount of paper used, as well as printing and scanning, replacing the use of paper with digital displays.

In this way, and working with the mentality of a digital company, operators have access to plans and other necessary documentation through tablets installed in each job.

The company estimates that this initiative will mean an initial saving of some 200,000 sheets of paper, to which is added the reduction of printing and scanning costs.

This procedure is being carried out in the assembly area and will be gradually extended to the rest of the plants, starting with the machining plant in Seville, also located in Aerópolis.

Gazc launches a project to reduce the use of paper in their plants.