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Aertec Solutions opens a new business delegation in Abu Dhabi

The engineering company from Malaga, based in Aerópolis, develops more projects in the Middle East

The international technology firm Aertec Solutions has recently opened a new commercial office in the United Arab Emirates,

specifically in Abu Dhabi, for the development of all the projects it has in place in the Middle East, an area in which sectors such as aerospace or defense represent a market with significant growth prospects.

In addition, Aertec has extensive experience in the development of projects in the area of ​​consulting and engineering for the airports sector in countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman or Qatar, so the opening of this commercial delegation will allow it to have a Greater proximity with different customers in the area.

For Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, CEO of Aertec Solutions, `the development of more and more projects in the Middle East area, where we began to position ourselves strategically a few years ago, made our physical presence necessary and that is why we considered ourselves last year to open a commercial office´

The technology company plans to close several cooperation agreements with the different universities of Abu Dhabi in the coming weeks, where it intends to held its university talent search competition, the Aertec Solutions Challenge, to solve various real challenges in the aeronautical field, and which already has three editions in Spain.

Aertec Solutions has an international presence with other offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Colombia, and with a staff formed by a team of more than 650 professionals.