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Airtificial will exclusively manufacture pieces in composite material for a flying car

 The company, based in Aerópolis, is positioned in this way at the forefront of the mobility of the future

The artificial intelligence company Airtificial has attended one of the biggest events in the automotive world,

the Geneva Motor Show, in which the Dutch company Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) has exhibited its flying car. During the event, Airtificial signed a letter of intent with PAL-V to proceed to carry out studies of carbon fiber manufacturing engineering for this flying car.

First came the train of the future, Hyperloop, for which Airtificial exclusively manufactures the capsules of the new means of transport and the tube through which it will circulate, provided that it is developed in composite material. Now, Airtificial has signed an agreement of intentions with which it is assured to become the exclusive manufacturer of a large part of the elements that include composite material in the flying car.

In this way, Airtificial, thanks to its experience in engineering, design and manufacture of complex parts and structures in composites, provides technological and industrial solutions that will modify mobility as we have known it until now.
Airtificial is a leading company in collaborative robotics and development of intelligent structures to improve the application of artificial intelligence and technology at the service of people.