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Aertec Solutions collaborates with Airbus in the design and digitalization of on-board systems for its civil aircraft

The international engineering and consulting specialized in aeronautics and defense has been working with the European aeronautical constructor for some months in the optimization of the aircraft cabin communication systems

The specialization of the Spanish technology company Aertec Solutions, based in Aerópolis, in terms of design of on-board systems is growing dramatically. Some of its applications have been for its guided ammunition systems and on its TARSIS unmanned aerial platforms. This expertise, together with the knowledge acquired by the Andalusian firm thanks to its participation in various R&D projects as part of European consortiums within the Clean Sky program, have been key for the Airbus Group to rely on it for the digitalization of its systems of communication in aircraft cabins.

The company's headquarters in Germany, specifically in Hamburg, is collaborating with the European aeronautical builder in the redesign of its critical systems, applying what is known as SoC (system on chip) technology, which consists of the integration of electronic components (called COTS) in on-board aeronautical equipment that are part of the cabin intercom systems, such as the AAP (Additional Attendant Panel). The novelty lies in the application of this SoC technology in on-board aeronautical systems, so far little extended.

This innovative development carried out by Aertec Solutions will allow a paradigm shift in the design of Airbus embedded systems, hitherto analogue, and that is aimed at digitizing and strengthening communication systems in civil aircraft cabin of the European aeronautical builder.

For the head of the Critical Systems department of Aertec Solutions, Rafael Ortiz, “this new collaboration with Airbus has a high innovative component and application of knowledge acquired by our engineers thanks to our own developments and the participation of AERTEC in European projects, especially in avionics, which allows us to generate and apply new technologies to the aviation industry. ”