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Sofitec finalizes its new facilities

The company Sofitec, based in Aerópolis, is completing one of the most ambitious expansion processes in its recent history: the start-up of the new facilities attached to its headquarters in Carmona, which they expect to have 100% operational in the first quarter of 2020.

With six differentiated areas - surface treatments, automatic painting line, scullery workshop, heat treatments, stretching and logistics center -, the new plant occupies an area of ??more than 11,000 m2 and has required an investment of around 24 million euros.

With its entry into operation, the aerostructure manufacturer will increase its available capacity by 80%, and will considerably expand its technological catalog for the development of metal parts and composites.

New stretching and milling techniques

The new plant brings with it an important technological expansion, with the incorporation of last generation equipment such as the stretch forming machine, especially indicated for cold plastic deformation processes. This type of forming improves the properties of the material, increasing its point of elasticity, and achieves a final shape of the more durable piece, while making possible the application of simple, complex curvatures and non-uniform geometries.

Together with it, Sofitec incorporates a 5-axis milling machine with high performance and precision, mobile bridge system and air guidance. With it, it improves its capacity for machining large parts.

More surface treatment processes

The company will also expand its catalog of special processes for metallic elements and will incorporate new specific treatments for the main aeronautical manufacturers; in the first instance, Airbus and Boeing.

In the new facilities, it will develop anodizing and gluing processes of highly complex metal materials, non-destructive tests (inspection of penetrating liquids), and pickling and its previous cleaning for aluminum and titanium alloys.

Automatic lines integrated into a single production control system

The processes will be carried out in an automated line with high daily capacity for the processing of large parts, which will be in turn connected by a transfer with the new robotic paint line - which has an automated paint robot and tempering, curing, cooling and inspection rooms.

Thanks to its own production control system, developed by Sofitec and its suppliers, the installation will allow the programming and concatenation of treatments of various kinds, maintaining at all times a strict quality control during the process.