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Andalusian technology to design an aerial robot to disinfect the ZAL

The Technology Center CATEC and the Sevillian company Airvant, both based in Aerópolis, will develop this technology to improve the COVID-19 disinfection protocols and prevent new outbreaks in the areas of logistical activity, guaranteeing sanitary security in the rest of the supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented health crisis and has fully impacted industrial activity in all sectors. Preventing the spread of the virus through new protocols that guarantee health security is the main objective in a new scenario that every day requires new control measures and more actions in this regard.

In this context the PrevenZAL project arises, whose main objective is the design and development of an aerial robot that allows the automated disinfection of the COVID-19 of containers and palletized merchandise in the so-called Logistics Activity Zones (ZAL), which are specialized areas in merchandise storage and distribution activities, both for the domestic market and for international trade.

An aerial robot that will be one hundred percent Andalusian, because it will have technology developed at Aerópolis by CATEC and the Seville-based technology company Airvant. This robotic system will be agile, efficient and easy to implement, and it appears as a new containment and security measure for the rest of the supply chain, in order to avoid new virus outbreaks.

PrevenZAL is an initiative funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), to date one of the only 4 projects subsidized by CDTI to fight COVID-19.

Andalusian technology

CATEC will be in charge of the design and development of the intelligent navigation algorithms that will cover the advanced functionalities of the aerial robot, and will also support the design of the drone's mission and supervision interface as well as the validation and demonstration tests in ZAL and Logistic Sites.

Airvant brings its experience as a technology-based company specialized in the logistics sector, for which it designs high added value solutions through the use of drones. It will be in charge of carrying out the tasks associated with the identification of system requirements and will configure the disinfection protocols and standards that will be applied to the Logistics Activity Zones, object of the project. In addition, it will perform the flights and tests in real environments to validate the new disinfection procedures and mission system developed

Work is already underway on the design and development of a first basic prototype that could be ready in a month. Another much more advanced prototype would be launched early next year