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Aerotecnic develops multi-material metallic additive manufacturing

La The company, based in Aerópolis, has launched the ambitious European project MULTI-FUN

The firm Aerotecnic is developing an ambitious European project called MULTI-FUN, which proposes the integration of multiple functionalities in the same structure through the on-site combination of active materials and new structural materials, including high-strength aluminum alloys and steel of low alloy.

In collaboration with the leading companies and technological institutions in this field, more than 5 new materials using nanotechnology, and the most appropriate deposition technology, will be combined in 10 different ways in 7 demonstrators aimed at different markets (automotive, aviation, space and equipment goods).

This advance will bring about an improvement in the efficiency, quality and reliability of the product by at least 40%, reduction of costs and environmental impact by more than 35%, as well as new opportunities and businesses for SMEs throughout Europe (key players in the advanced materials research.

Multi-fun receives funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

More information at www.multi-fun.eu