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CATEC presents its robotics project PILOTING to more than 20 countries

The Andalusian Technology Center, based in Aerópolis, is leading this robotic technology project for inspection and maintenance tasks of aging infrastructures

The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, FADA-CATEC, recently organized a webinar presenting the progress of PILOTING, an European research project (led by the Andalusian technology center) in which entities and companies from Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Norway and the Netherlands participate.

This initiative has been working since the beginning of the year on a series of robotic solutions that will improve the quality and efficiency of the inspection and maintenance tasks of aging infrastructures such as viaducts, refineries and tunnels, to maintain the necessary levels of security.

This virtual meeting has served for 26 countries, 8 of them from outside Europe (Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Singapore and Saudi Arabia) to know the 9 cases of use of inspection tasks that have been identified by these last months with the help of the end users of these robotic systems: the companies Ferrovial (Spain), Chevron Oronite (France) and Egnatia Odos AE (Greece).

In addition, the functional requirements of the PILOTING system (consisting of robotic vehicles, AI algorithms, and interconnected information systems) have been defined in order to comply with all standards.

The next step is the design of the system and the definition of the validation scenarios, and for that the members of the project plan to visit the different infrastructures, which in the future will benefit from this technology, in order to obtain the necessary information for the design of robotic inspection vehicles, which will begin in the coming months. The first visit has already happened, specifically to the viaduct of the Sol motorway, in the province of Malaga.

Operating Plan

PILOTING has already defined its operating plan because it hopes to be able to develop technologies and validate them at a high technological level (TRL 7), thus facilitating their future industrialization once the project ends. This plan presents a series of actions to identify the most promising technologies and business cases, on which an industrialization plan will be developed.

The PILOTING project is aligned with the European Commission's policy of developing technology within the interests of companies and the market, to promote its future commercial exploitation.

PILOTING will integrate all the robotic solutions in a single platform, which will be tested and evaluated in pilot tests to be able to apply the real requirements of the end users of these technologies, increasing the safety of the operators and reducing costs and time of Operations.