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Elimco Aerospace launches several R&D projects

The company, based in Aerópolis, is part of the Ingemont Group

WTESTER project

Elimco Aerospace has launched a new concept of universal cable testing system, for use in the manufacturing process of electrical harnesses and control units, both within its facilities and at the facilities of its customers in the installation phase of the deck on the plane, as well as for verification processes in MRO activities.

Using wireless technology, Elimco has developed a test equipment that will improve the efficiency of the testing and diagnostic processes, both in the manufacture and in the installation of electrical and electronic equipment of an industrial or domestic nature. It is also applicable in other sectors such as automotive, rail, naval and industrial.

REMODEL project

The company has acquired two collaborative robots for integration into its production line of electrical harnesses and control units, within an innovation project financed with European funds.

The project is formed by a consortium in which various universities, technology centers and specialized companies participate and in which both Elimco and Volkswagen are the end users in their production lines for the automation of the manufacture of electrical wiring in the aeronautical and aeronautical sectors. automotive, respectively.

RIMA project

Elimco AeroSpace has started the drone piloting qualification process for its own personnel and acquired a new drone for the development of flights within different industrial sectors.
Specifically, the company has equipped itself with a multirotor drone with a payload capacity of 5 Kg as well as several multispectral cameras with which it will perform data capture, treatment and analysis services for subsequent analysis and study to improve efficiency. of your customers' products and processes.