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Aerotecnic is commited to the complete automation of composite sanding

The company, based in Aerópolis, continues its R&D work with the SARCO Project

The company Aerotecnic is running an R&D project named SARCO that proposes the automation of sanding prior to painting by integrating an automated system for surface preparation of complex geometric areas in an industrial anthropomorphic robot.

It also includes the automation of associated processes such as cleaning the sanded surface and verification of sanding.

These concepts represent a clear advance with respect to current commercial solutions for sanding, only valid for large surfaces, and a much more pronounced advance with respect to the current method of sanding details, practically carried out today manually. artisan, with sandpaper.

With the automation of these processes, Aerotecnic expects a substantial improvement in the quality of the parts, an increase in precision and the final finish of the finished product and also, indirectly, in the repeatability and general controllability of the entire manufacturing process.

This advance will mean a clear increase in productivity and cost reduction in tasks with little added value, which are also tedious and usually not very ergonomic.

Likewise, SARCO intends to improve the current state of the art in the aeronautical sector, serving as the starting point for a set of actions that should lead to a complete automation of the manufacturing processes of aeronautical composite material parts.