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Systatec will manufacture laboratory systems for the Observatoire de Versailles

The Sevillian company Systratec Instruments, located in Aerópolis, has been chosen by the Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines to manufacture its laboratory systems for measuring mass and center of gravity.

This French public entity develops its activity in the scientific field, in the study of the atmosphere and its composition and in the monitoring of variations in the Earth's magnetic field.

Thanks to Systratec technology, they will be able to determine with accuracy and precision the mass distribution of the instruments they develop, intended to be shipped on scientific and meteorological satellites, which help to observe the earth to care for and ensure its sustainable development.

Systratec has been designing and manufacturing advanced high-quality weight and mass distribution systems since 2015. It operates in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors, automotive and industry in general, with a range of instruments capable of measuring from small parts to airplanes, vehicles or complete satellites.