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H2020 opportunities for Spanish aerospace
19 February 2016
          Francisco MarínManager of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)           The CDTI is fully aware of the importance that the aviation industry has worldwide, not only with regard to the impact on the transport of people and goods, but also i [..]
The strategy of the aviation sector for the next decade
22 January 2016
          Adolfo MenéndezPresident of TEDAE, Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space Technology Companies         An airplane is a complex system whose complete cycle can only be addressed by technologically capable countries. Fortunately, Spain is one o [..]
The A400M's impact on the aeronautical industry
17 July 2015
Juan J. SilvaDirector of the FAL for the A400M and the Flight Training Center, Airbus Military       The A400M program marks a point of inflection in the international aeronautical industry. Likewise, it’s evident that it is also like this for the sector in Andalusia. This plane not onl [..]
Aerospace marketing in Israel and cooperation between Spanish and Israeli companies
23 April 2015
        Avi MorChairman of the Petrus Group                     It is a known fact that both countries are members of the high tech "club". It is also known that the relationship between the two countries Spain and Israel is very good. Therefore cooperation b [..]
The importance of our aerospace activity
13 November 2014
    Gonzalo GalipiensoPolitical Affairs EADS Casa Espacio                 When we think of space we dream. The Earth is the cradle of humanity and Space awakens deep feelings that invite mankind to discover, to explore and seek answers to the big questions that arises Huma [..]
The role of History
11 July 2014
Juan Antonio GuerreroWriter and member of the Air Force’s Institute for Aerospace History and Culture         On the fortunately far-distant days of the Second World War, the American Air Force used to give a key and secondary instruction to the bombers which were about to get unregis [..]
The third European Industrial Revolution
03 February 2013
Javier Cañizares GaramendiTechnical Manager of the Aerospace Sector of the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA)         In recent months, many outstanding matters have been debated at a high level in Europe, since we adopted a new multiannual financial framework 2014-2020. Obvi [..]
Commitment chain
11 December 2012
Eugenio Pérez LuengoAirport of Seville's Director     The incorporation of the historical Construcciones Aeronáuticas (CASA) into the European consortium EADS involved quite a catalyst for the industry in Andalusia. Not just from the point of view of its size–it has currently got [..]
Aerospace Andalusia
05 November 2012
Mike RichardsonAerospace Manufacturing Editor       As the largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, Andalusia conjures up powerful images of a country famed for its flamenco, fiestas and feisty passion. It’s a land of sun and light which has both produced and inspired great writ [..]
A leap to Internationalization
20 July 2012
Gaspar Llanes Díaz-SalazarPresident of Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia   Andalusia is one of the prime European aerospace prime sites. In the axis Seville-Cadiz it is established an aerospace industry which is decisively involved in some of the world’s most important pro [..]