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ENASA launches its new and extensive call for specialized courses for the aerospace sector

The training center will develop various courses during the months of October and November at its facilities in Aerópolis, with theoretical and practical classes

After holidays, the formative center ENASA sets a new range of specialist courses for professionals who want to discover the aeronautical labor market and improve their technical qualification. The new charter of courses covers since the beginning of the month of October until the end of November, including theoretical and practical classes that will be held in its facilities of Aerópolis or in collaborating companies of the sector.

The deadline for registration is open and there are still places available. The technical specialties currently convened are the following:

-Aeronautical Specialist (450 h). Start scheduled for October 5.
-Composites Materials (120 h). Start scheduled for October 5.
-Aeronautics Manufacturing Electric (175h). Start scheduled for October 13.
-Aeronautical Inspector (175h). Start scheduled for October 19.
-Composites Assembly. Start scheduled for October 19.
-Aerostructures Assemblier (300h). Start scheduled for November 3.
-Lean Manufacturing (30h).Anticipated Start up the 3 to 6 November.
-Aeronautical Painter (120 h). Start scheduled for November 16. -Sealant Aeronautical (80h). Start scheduled for November 23.
-Engineering Processes and Routes. Anticipated start up scheduled for November 3.
-Aeronautic Blueprints Interpretation (30 h). From 3 to 13 of November.

Further information in http://www.enasa.es/.