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A very dynamic and active aerospace community

On this occasion, before the summer break, our bulletin is full of many good news of our companies and reflects the excellent results of Aerospace and Defense Meetings (ADM) 2018, the great appointment of the aerospace sector developed in Seville.

The figures of participation and meetings reached in ADM and the large amount of news generated by our companies in the last quarter, reflect an undeniable reality: the aerospace industry in Andalusia - and Aerópolis, as the place where most of the sector is concentrated- have managed to create a dynamic and active aerospace business community that continuously looks for and creates new opportunities to advance and grow.

In this sense, we present here initiatives to promote innovation and technological development, such as the Magtel Foundation Awards; innovative projects, innovations and infrastructures of companies such as Aertec Solutions, CT Ingenieros, Geci Española, Grabysur and Comher; business initiatives such as the Association of Companies Hélice, implantation of new companies such as Aeropup, and technology conferences held in our Business Center, such as the ones organised by Walter Tools and Nunsys.

In the near horizon, we continue working on the preparation of a new edition of the World Space Week, which will be held from 4 to 10 next October, and the organization of activities for the year 2019, when Sevilla will assume the presidency of the community Ariane, becoming the European capital of the aerospace sector.


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ENASA new programming for specialized training courses in various sectors of aeronautics

The school, located in Aerópolis, will give new technical specialties such as sealer, inspector, aerostructures assemblier, electrical manufacturing or Lean Manufacturing

ENASA, the school specializing in aviation training located in the Park, has announced a new programming of courses for professional, technical or other people interested in entering the labor market of the aerospace sector.

The courses planned for the coming weeks are:


-Aeronautical Sealer (80h). Starting scheduled for June 29.
-Aerostructures Assemblier (300 h). ). Starting scheduled for July 6.
-Aeronautic Electric Manufacture (175h). Starting scheduled for June 15.
-Aeronautical Painter (120 h). Starting scheduled for June 22.
-Aeronautical Inspector (175h). Starting scheduled for June 29.
-Lean Manufacturing (30h). Starting scheduled from 16 to 19 June.
-Aeronautical Specialist (450 h). Starting scheduled for June 15.
-Composites Materials (120 h). Starting scheduled for June 22.
-Engineering Process and Routes (120 h). Starting scheduled for June 29.
-Aeronautic Blueprints Interpretation (30 h). Starting scheduled from 15 to 19 June.

The registration period is open. More information on the web http://www.enasa.es/.