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Positive balance

With this new edition of our newsletter we practically close the year 2017, so it's time to recount what has been achieved and, above all, the challenges and objectives that we have to face during the coming year to consolidate our Park as a reference space in innovation, development and advanced services and, ultimately, contribute to the industrial and business development of Andalusia.

When making our balance we are aware that we have a valuable capital, made up of our companies as well as our public and private institutions and, especially, the trajectory and capacity of collaboration among all of them, which gives us an undeniable benefit and ability to undertake new projects.

In this sense, our strength in the aeronautical sector gives us a plus that we must take advantage of to advance in the conquest of the space sector, an area whose fundamental pillar is innovation and in which we have great growth potential. All the agents involved-institutions, companies and research groups-are convinced of the relevance of this sector. Proof of this is the collaboration of more than twenty Andalusian entities in the celebration of the World Space Week 2017, as we explain in our newsletter.

We have reasons to be optimistic. As you will see in this issue, in 2019 Seville will become the European capital of the aerospace sector, presiding over the Ariane community, which opens a great opportunity for Andalusia to position itself better in the sector. Our institutions do not want to miss this opportunity and, therefore, the Junta de Andalucía will launch a Strategy of the Space Sector in Andalusia for the period 2018-2025, which aims to maximize the potential of this part of the Andalusian aerospace industry.

In recent years, the Andalusian space industry has been growing and becoming increasingly involved in international R & D projects. In particular, we are proud, of course, of the project developed by our Technology Center, CATEC, the first Andalusian entity to manufacture a piece with 3D printing technology that will be launched into space when it joins one of the satellites of the European Space Agency, and one  we also speak about in our newsletter.

We are confident that our companies and institutions will know how to benefit from these advantages and opportunities, and we are looking forward to supporting them in these projects in the year that will shortly begin.



Joaquín Rodríguez Grau

Consejero Delegado


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